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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most preferred wellness combo on Glamyo’s website?

Lastlong 1-month combo pack is the most preferred combo pack on our website. Shop now to avail minimum 60% off.

What are offers and discounts available on Glamyo’s website?

You can avail more than 50% off on all Glamyo products including haircare and men's wellness products. Place your order now to get the products at the most discounted prices.

What is the cost of a haircare combo?

The hair regrowth kit is available at ₹1,199/- which contains Anti-Hairfall shampoo, Hairfall control conditioner, deep nourishing serum, and regrowth hair oil.

Are there any trial packs available for TestoBooster Capsules?

No, trial packs are not available. You can try the 1-month TestoBooster Capsule pack that is available at the most discounted prices.

What are the cancellation and refund policies for sexual wellness and haircare products?

Sexual wellness products have no refunds & returns. The refund is only possible if you have received a defective, wrong, or the product is expired.

Can I use coupons or promo codes on haircare and wellness products?

Yes, we offer a coupon code on your first purchase that can be used on your next order.

What is the cost of a 2-month Stamina & Lastlong combo pack?

The cost of a 2-month Stamina & Lastlong combo pack is ₹3,999/- which contains 4 TestoBooster Capsules, 2 Lastlong Capsules, and 4 NightX Oil.

Which would be beneficial buying a single wellness product or a combo?

Buying a combo is more beneficial not just because the combo pack is more affordable but because our combo pack is made with considering all the sexual concerns.