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Glamyo HerbGro Hair Conditioner

Glamyo HerbGro Hair Conditioner

with goodness of olive oil, aloe vera and glycerine | helps restore shine, controls dandruff and adds volume to hair
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Glamyo HerbGro conditioner is formulated with natural ingredients that restore shine, control dandruff and add volume to your hair. The goodness of pure almond oil and aloe vera extracts helps in nourishing hair. Its regular application helps to welcome stronger and shiner hair. 

Glamyo HerbGro conditioner is rich in Panthenol, which helps in preventing the splitting and frizzing of hair. Glamyo HerbGro conditioner provides hair with the necessary nourishment that helps in restoring shinier and silkier hair. It is a nutrient-rich conditioner beneficial for providing care to split ends that further helps improve hair texture and health. 

It contains pure extracts of Aloe vera, neem oil, olive oil, coconut milk, and many more herbal ingredients. This perfect blend of herbal ingredients helps in restoring shine and repair damaged hair. Glamyo HerbGro conditioner is suitable for all hair types and is formulated with advanced hair growth formula for adding shine and volume to your hair.

Benefits & Ingredients

Aloe Vera

  • Pure extracts of aloe vera contain mineral and active ingredients that helps in strengthening hair.
  • It also helps in controlling greasy hair and protects hair from UV damage.

Almond Oil

  • It has essential vitamins like vitamin B1, B6, and E that helps in making your hair strong and healthy.
  • Almond oil contains magnesium that promotes hair growth.

Coconut Milk

  • It is the most effective ingredient that helps in restoring your scalp and hair.
  • Coconut oil milk has properties that help in keeping hair strands strong and healthy.


  • It helps your hair and skin look better.
  • It gives a shinier and fuller look to your hair.

Dosage & Side Effects

How To Consume

How to use

  • Shampoo your hair and take an adequate amount of conditioner.
  • Apply conditioner on damp hair, from mid-length to the ends of your hair. 
  • Leave it on the hair for 2 to 3 min and rinse it off with normal water. 

Who can use 

  • Men & women of age 15 years or above 
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • It can be used on colored, damaged, dry, and chemically treated hair


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Glamyo HerbGro conditioner?

Glamyo HerbGroconditioner is formulated with nourishing ingredients that detangle hair and restore shine. It also helps in making your hair fuller, smoother, and shinier. 

Can I apply Glamyo HerbGro conditioner daily?

Glamyo HerbGroconditioner is free from any harmful toxins and chemicals. You can apply it every time you wash your hair.

Can Glamyo HerbGro conditioner increase hair volume?

Glamyo HerbGroconditioner has nourishing ingredients that prevent breakage and adds shine & volume to your hair. It detangles hair and improves overall hair health.

Does Glamyo HerbGro conditioner have any artificial fragrances or chemical ingredients?

No, Glamyo HerbGroconditioner is made from all-natural and herbal ingredients and is free from toxins, harmful chemicals & fragrances.

How long should we keep Glamyo HerbGro conditioner on hair?

Apply conditioner after shampooing your hair and keep it for 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse it with normal water

Can I apply conditioner on the scalp?

You should not apply conditioner to your scalp. Apply conditioner on damp hair, from mid-length to the ends of your hair.