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Lastlong Capsules

Lastlong Capsules

with goodness of gokshura, loh bhasam and konch beej | helps increase stamina and improves performance

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Lastlong is an ayurvedic capsule used for improving and strengthening the resistance of the body and sexual weakness of endocrine origin, testicular insufficiency, male climacteric, etc. the key ingredients of Lastlong capsules are horney goat weed, macaroot, kaunch beej, loha bhasam, and gokshura. 

A perfect blend of herbs - a unique blend of five herbs like gokshura, loh bhasam, konch beej, macaroot, and horney goat weed, has made  Lastlong capsules a perfect solution to boost stamina and performance. 

Boosts Stamina - consuming  Lastlong capsules is the most effective way to boost power & energy that helps you to enhance your performance and stamina. 

Essential properties - the herbal ingredients in  Lastlong capsules have endurance & strength-enhancing properties, antioxidant properties, and anti-fatigue properties. 

Safe to use -  Lastlong capsules are made with the goodness of herbs and do not contain harmful properties. It has no side effects & safe for long-term use.

Benefits & Ingredients


  • Gokshura helps in improving sexual desires. 
  • It has Essential minerals and nutrients.
  • It is also beneficial for penile erection. 

Loh bhasam

  • It has balya and vrishya properties that help in improving libido. 
  • It also benefits through improving male sexual dysfunction and stamina.

Konch beej

  • It helps in increasing sexual desire. 
  • It also improves motility and sperm count. 
  • Konch beej is beneficial in increasing the quantity and production of semen.


  • It treats erectile dysfunction. 
  • It also helps in improving sperm concentration. 

Horney goat weed

  • It helps in increasing blood flow and improves sexual function. 
  • It also treats erectile dysfunction.

Dosage & Side Effects

This is the standard dosage that is prescribed in most cases. Please keep in mind that each patient's case is unique, and the dosage may vary depending on the condition, the route of administration, the patient's age, and their medical history.

Age Group 



General: Use the prescribed amount 

Maximum dosage: 1 capsule a day 

Before or After Meal: After meal 

Preferred way of consuming: Milk 

Dosage route: Oral 

No side effects of Lastlong capsules have been reported in the medical examination. However, it is recommended that you must consult your doctor before using.

How To Consume

- 1 Capsule a day after meal 

- Preferred with milk


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to consume Lastlong capsules regularly?

You should consume Lastlong capsules regularly for at least 3 months for better results.

Who can take Lastlong capsules?

Lastlong capsule is for adult men only. It can be taken by men over the age of 18 who wants to improve their sex drive or performance.

Can high blood pressure patients take Lastlong capsules?

Yes, Lastlong capsule is safe for diabetic and blood pressure patients as it is 100% herbal & ayurvedic with no side effects.

Are Lastlong capsules vegan?

Yes, Lastlong capsule is 100% vegan & Ayurvedic.

Can I consume Lastlong capsules with other medicines?

Yes, you can take Lastlong capsule with other medicines, but it is advised to take a doctor consultation in such cases.

How much time will it take to see results?

To see effective results, you must consume Lastlong capsule for 3 months regularly as per the instructions mentioned on the package.

Do Lastlong capsules give a permanent solution?

No, Lastlong capsule will not give you a permanent solution. But, regular consumption of Lastlong capsules can provide you with significant results.

Do I need to take a doctor's consultation before consuming Lastlong capsules?

You can consume just by reading the instructions mentioned on the product's label. However, you can take a doctor consultation for better guidance. wellness offers free expert consultation. Contact us to book your appointment today.